Sunday, 7 August 2011

M. I. A.

Oops. My last update was back in May. Sorry dear readers, but I'm sure that your lives didn't feel any less complete without my ramblings for the last few months. In my defence, I've been pretty darned busy these last few months what with several weddings (one of which was mine!), various trips away, visits from family and friends and all manner of other, less pleasant distractions.

Nevertheless, I'm back now, and hopefully I'll be able to stay a bit more up-to-date. In the meantime, here are a few highlights of my last three months of Warmachine.


When last we spoke, I was nearly done painting my Bronzeback. Well, he was finished shortly afterwards, but seems to be a little camera-shy. I'll try to remember to snap him next time I shoot some things. Other than that, things have been quiet on the Skorne painting front, as my attention has drifted to other things.

Gaming-wise, the Skorne had a bit of a rest over most of June and July while I got back into Protectorate, but I decided to take them to a little charity tournament in Ross-on-Wye. It was a great day's gaming, with some great opponents. I had some fun games against Nik and Jim, both of whom were using Trollbloods (note: Morghoul likes Trolls - they stab easily), a real nail-biter against Dave's Retribution, and then got completely flattened by Martyn's dirty nasty Cryx on the top table in the final round. Overall, I came second, and picked up the best painted award to boot. Not a bad day if you ask me.


I've been doing quite a lot with my Menites recently. Mainly spurred on by my pledge to be 'Fully Painted in 2011' (about which there will be more in a future post), I've been painting in earnest, and have managed (sing along):
Three Paladins:
Two light 'jacks (a Repenter and a Redeemer):
and eh-pic Se-ver-i-us.
At the moment, the Covenant of Menoth is nearly done, so maybe I'll post that up soon. I just need to work out what to write on its pages.

Gaming-wise, I've been working up to two events, both of which involve three lists with shared Field Allowance. One is 20pts (Fun, Quick & Dirty in Kidderminster in September) and the other is 50pts (Dragon Slayers' Big Bash III at Maelstrom next weekend). The former isn't too much of a problem - at 20pts I'd be wanting to leave some things out anyway, so there's no real problem. 50pts is a totally different story. Nevertheless, I've got a plan of running an Amon-Testament-eSeverius combination. I'm not expecting it to set the world alight (that's what Feora's for, of course), but it should be fun to play. I'll give you the lowdown on the Dragon Slayers' event next week. 


Two main things to report here. Firstly, I helped out with the Privateer presence at the UK Games Expo again in June this year. Unlike last year, I ended up helping to run the Masters tournament. With 116 players(!) and seven rounds over two days, it was a bit an ordeal for players and press-gangers alike. That said, everyone seemed to have a great time, the only major complaints were about things out of our control, and I got to catch up with lots of lovely people. I can't wait for next year's event!

Also, I took part in a press gang mini exchange at the end of May. Similar to the exchange we did at the club (which I now realise I also haven't given you closure on), press gangers from around the world get drawn together and paint something of their choice for a fellow 'ganger. I ended up painting this Lanyssa Ryssyll for Hendybadger:
and in turn received this Vanguard from Marijnh:
It was nice to paint something a bit different, and now Magnus has a new friend! Go press gangers!

Ok. I think I've rambled on for long enough now. I'll return soon to tell you about the club painting exchange, because it would be a shame to leave you out of the loop on that.

Until next time...

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