Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sedition Wars has landed! Unboxing: Part I

Today was an exciting day. Late yesterday I had a confirmation from UPS that my long-awaited copy of Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster was finally starting its final journey from Essex to my front door. Given that I pledged toward to Kickstarter for it last June, I've spent quite a while looking forward to it!

Having tracked it onto a van at 7:30am, I spent most of the day with bated breath. Finally, at 4:30pm...

Let's take a look inside, shall we...?

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Checking in...

Well, I promised myself that I'd try to post at least once a week, so it's about time that I checked in.

Thanks to a busy week at work (they're all busy, but this one particularly so), I've not got much to report in the way of geeky pursuits, I'm afraid. My Judicator has a couple more layers of paint on it, and I've made generally positive noises and had some interesting thoughts about all of the latest Skorne spoilers, but  neither have developed to the point at which they're worth talking about in detail. Watch out for more about both of those later in the week.

Instead, I'd just like to give you  a quick roundup of the latest news in my world:

Monday, 7 January 2013

Switching cases

Well, that title isn't entirely fair. Swapping cases might be more accurate, but doesn't have the same ring to it. Anyway the point of said odd title is to lead me into talking about what I was up to yesterday lunchtime.

I'm making a transatlantic trip to Templecon at the end of the month, and I'm more than a little bit excited about it. As part of the planning, I was faced with a dilemma - which army should I take? My Protectorate made the trip to Lock & Load with me last year, so it seems only fair for the Skorne to come this time. The problem is, the default position is for my Menites to fit in my old Figures In Comfort case (whose foam I've hacked up a bit to accommodate Flameguard spears and the like), whereas the Skorne live in my Battlefoam bag. Both bags have their advantages, but only the Figures In Comfort case is small enough to count as hand luggage on BA flights. This made the decision pretty simple: If I could successfully fit my Skorne into the smaller case, then I'd be taking them to Templecon.

To cut a long story short, an hour of careful unpacking and repacking resulted in the conclusion that my Skorne fit in the smaller case, so a-travelling they will go. So, if you're going to Templecon, and you see these guys, come and say hello!

An added bonus to unpacking my entire Protectorate force was that I could take some quick pictures of the full army, which now stands at around 130pts painted. Here are a few of the highlights.

150pts is creeping closer. This guy might have something to do with that...

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Time for a reboot

In the fine tradition of blogs since the dawn of time, this one has, sadly, fallen into disuse over the last year or so. There are any number of reasons for that, lack of time (or, to use the proper term, laziness) being chief among them. Still, as a new year dawns, it seems a good time to get things going again.

To (hopefully) make things more interesting for you, dear readers, I'm going to branch out a little from gaming, and use these pages as a chronicle of all of my geeky exploits, whatever they may involve. Gaming will still take centre stage, of course, but you can expect to see a few ramblings about (folk) music, (nerdy) web shows, (fantasy) books, (random) movies, and even a bit about running.

Wait... "Running?", I hear you cry. "I thought you were supposed to be a nerd!". Well, yes. But I've started running, and quite enjoy it. Also, the better runs involve beer, and that's never a bad thing.  

2013 is definitely going to be an interesting year, and hopefully better than the last couple (which, for reasons I may or may not go into, weren't the best for me). I hope that you'll enjoy spending a bit of time hearing about how it goes!

In the meantime, here's a work in progress camera phone shot of my Judicator. I'm rather pleased with it so far...