Sunday, 13 January 2013

Checking in...

Well, I promised myself that I'd try to post at least once a week, so it's about time that I checked in.

Thanks to a busy week at work (they're all busy, but this one particularly so), I've not got much to report in the way of geeky pursuits, I'm afraid. My Judicator has a couple more layers of paint on it, and I've made generally positive noises and had some interesting thoughts about all of the latest Skorne spoilers, but  neither have developed to the point at which they're worth talking about in detail. Watch out for more about both of those later in the week.

Instead, I'd just like to give you  a quick roundup of the latest news in my world:

Tabletop is back!
Ok, so it was back a week ago, but I've not mentioned it. If you haven't seen Wil Wheaton's marvellous webseries about the wonders of playing board games with friends, go and watch it right now. The latest episode features Alhambra, a game with which I have had a more than fleeting encounter. It's a good little game, but I always found it a bit too luck-dependent for my taste. Not that there's anything wrong with randomisation in games, but my memory of playing Alhambra seems to suggest that most games hinged on the right tiles coming up at the right time (in the right currency) for a particular player to get ahead of the pack.

Folk music makes me happy!
Even when the subject itself isn't all that cheerful. I've been going to a few gigs lately, mainly at a great little Cambridge coffee house called Hot Numbers. Through such gigs, I've discovered the lovely music of Fred's House and Dan Wilde. Without wanting to go all hipster on you, you probably haven't heard of them, but if you like clever guitar parts, clear vocals, haunting harmonies, and good storytelling, you could do much worse than to check them out. Next month, I'm looking forward to investigating Brother & Bones and Annie Dressner, both of whom are playing very close to my birthday!

Running doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would!
I ran 9.7 miles on Saturday, my longest continuous run yet, and it was surprisingly comfortably. Other than general tiredness in my calves, I felt fine all the way around my route, which was quite gratifying. For the first time, I feel like this half marathon I'm signed up for in March might actually be possible...

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